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From its home base in Dubai, Dnata has grown to become an internationally acclaimed Ground Handling Agent, now with a presence at 21 airports across 9 countries.

Commencing operations in 1959 with just 5 staff, Dnata has played a significant role in the development of Dubai airport where we now handle a colossal 1.6 million tones of freight, 140 different carriers and more than 40 million passengers annually. To do this, Dnata employs some 7,000 skilled staff, a fleet of over 6,200 pieces of equipment and some of the most advanced technology in the industry.

Providing efficient, reliable and cost-effective solutions is Dnata’s hallmark across the globe; services that include passenger, baggage, ramp, and cargo handling, and ground support equipment maintenance. We also pride ourselves on the quality of our training standards, ensuring that best practice techniques are shared around the world to ensure the consistency of our product.

Dnata’s commitment to the very highest standards of quality and safety has been rewarded by numerous international certifications and awards. The ability to cater to such a rapidly expanding and evolving industry is due to the Company’s focus on innovation and invaluable, hard-working team members.

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